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Fight the epidemic, Betters (Suzhou) Medical Co.,Ltd. in action!

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There is a city called unity.

There's a group of warriors, called the Men in White.

There is a spirit called scientific spirit.

There is a faith that makes all people one heart.

"When one side is in trouble, support from all sides, keep the motherland in mind, and work together in times of trouble." In order to help the motherland win the epidemic prevention and control campaign as soon as possible, Black and Decker Medical Group proposes that all employees "work together, give generously, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and contribute their own strength to support the epidemic prevention and control campaign in accordance with the principle of voluntarily and according to their ability."

Fighting the epidemic, Betters (Suzhou) Medical Co.,Ltd. is in action

The proposal issued by Betters (Suzhou) Medical Co.,Ltd. is sincere and powerful, and all employees have responded to the call of the group and made their own contribution to the fight against the epidemic at the first time. All the donations and materials will be used to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia.