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Mountain city Chongqing, together again!

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In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation in the field of minimally invasive surgery, improve the diagnosis and treatment level of minimally invasive surgery, and promote the rapid development of minimally invasive surgery, the Special Committee of Minimally invasive Surgery of Chongqing Medical Association is sponsored by Chongqing Medical Association. The "2019 Chongqing Medical Association Minimally Invasive Surgery Annual Meeting" hosted by the Army Specialty Medical Center and the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Military Medical University was held in Chongqing on December 13-14, 2019!

The conference invited Academician Dong Jiahong of Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, Professor Tian Wen of PLA General Hospital and many other well-known experts in minimally invasive surgery in China and Chongqing, and set up 5 sub-venues to exchange and discuss the cutting-edge technologies in various fields of minimally invasive surgery.


Professor Tian Wen spoke

At the same time, the "Chongqing Medical Association Minimally invasive Surgery Special Committee Breast Thyroid Science Group" was established. At the opening ceremony, Professor Tian Wen, chairman of the Thyroid Surgeon Committee of the Surgeons Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and Professor Chen Ping, chairman of the Minimally invasive Surgery Committee of Chongqing Medical Association, jointly issued certificates to the elected group leader and deputy group leader of the breast thyroid Group, and jointly witnessed the establishment of the breast thyroid Group. Chairman Tian Wen expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the Student group and placed high hopes on it. Then the lecture session officially began.

The mammary thyroid Group of Minimally invasive Surgery Special Committee of Chongqing Medical Association was established

Professor Tian Man presents Professor Zhang Fan (right) with the letter of appointment as head of the Section

Professor Tian Wen and Chairman Chen Ping took a group photo with the group leader and deputy group leader

Nanjing Great Wall Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. booth style


As a leader in the microwave ablation industry,Nanjing Great Wall Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. integration innovation, close to clinical needs. As an invited exhibitor of the conference, the products displayed such as "Tumor ablation treatment system - Microwave therapy instrument" and "microwave thermocoagulation ablation needle" have been well received by the participating scholars. In the future, Nanjing Great Wall Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. will continue to work hard to promote the new development of medical devices!